Ryan Reynolds To Play Detective Pikachu In Live-Action Pokémon Film

As if 2017 couldn’t get weirder, it has just been announced that Ryan Reynolds will play ‘Detective Pikachu’ in the upcoming live-action Pokémon film. It seems like an idea that many would back, and few would fight.

The Deadpool actor, razor-witted Twitter user, and all-round good bloke will slip on the old motion capture tights. Something he hasn’t done since Green Lantern in 2011and X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. Yeah. I’m going to pull those ones out.

While details about the film itself have been sparse, what we do know is that the plot will follow Pokémon detectives helping a young boy find his kidnapped father. Additionally, the London based production starts mid-January 2019 under the control of Legendary Pictures. The release date will either be later that year or the beginning of the following. And we can probably expect a couple of one-liners from Reynolds himself.

Regardless, this is another piece of childhood coming alive. And we just can’t wait to see where it goes.