— Updated on 31 July 2021

‘Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins’ Drops An Action-Packed New Trailer

— Updated on 31 July 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

After playing Dry Eye in Guy Ritchie’s criminally underrated The Gentlemen with Charlie Hunnam, Matthew McConaughey, and Colin Farrell – which is currently being turned into a TV series – travel show heart-throb turned theatrical heart-throb Henry Golding is stepping up to the role of iconic character Snake Eyes in the upcoming GI Joe Origins movie directed by Robert Schwentke (Red, RIPD)… and Paramount Pictures has just dropped a brand new action-packed trailer.

At a glance, we’re not going to lie… it looks rather promising. Or at least as far as GI Joe reboots go. But many of you may recall how optimistic the world was prior to Mortal Kombat‘s release, which has since proven to be less than stellar. The talent involved with this one, however, certainly makes it pretty damn hard to manage expectations, specifically when it comes to action sequences. Especially given the fresh footage featuring Henry Golding and Warrior lead Andrew Koji as ally + future arch-rival Storm Shadow.

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Golding portrays the tenacious loner who is welcomed into an ancient Japanese clan called the Arashikage after saving the life of their heir apparent. Upon arrival in Japan, the Arashikage teaches Snake Eyes the ways of the ninja warrior while also providing something he’s been longing for: a home. But when secrets from his past are revealed, Snake Eyes’ honour and allegiance will apparently be tested – even if that means “losing the trust of those closest to him.”

Henry Golding and Andrew Koji will be joined by Samara Weaving as Scarlett, Ursula Corbero as Baroness, Haruka Abe as Akiko, Takeshiro Hira as Kenta, Peter Mensah as Blind Master, and The Raid star Iko Uwais as Hard Master. Steven Allerick has also been cast in an undisclosed role. The screenplay has been accomplished by Evan Spiliotopoulos (Hercules, Charlie’s Angels), Anna Waterhouse, and Joe Shrapnel.

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins will hit theatres on July 22nd of 2021 – watch the new trailer above.

henry golding snake eyes gi joe origins trailer

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