‘South Park’ Creators Team Up With Kendrick Lamar For A Red-Hot Comedy Film

South Park Creators Matt Stone Trey Parker Kendrick Lamar

It’s not exactly the collaboration you’d expect from either South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker or Grammy Award-winning hip-hop legend Kendrick Lamar, but it’s happening all the same. The masters of their respective craft are uniting for a live-action comedy film based on a premise that’s uniquely… them.

The currently untitled project “will depict the past and present coming to a head” when a young black man who’s interning as a slave reenactor at a living history museum discovers his white girlfriend’s ancestors once owned his. Safe to say, you probably won’t see this movie being made by any other trio in the 21st century.

Matt Stone, Trey Parker, K-Dot, will be joined by Lamar’s longtime TDE partner Dave Free with Vernon Chatman signed on to pen the screenplay. Chatman has written and produced South Park alongside Stone and Parker for over 20 years now, in addition to voicing such beloved characters as Towelie, and lending his talents to other shows like FX’s Louie as well as Horace & Pete.

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Paramount Pictures, on the other hand, will handle theatrical distribution, home entertainment, plus television licensing rights, with its very own streaming platform Paramount+ serving as its digital home; in line with the mammoth billion-dollar agreement brokered between Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and the studio midway last year (hit the link above for more details). Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s own company pgLang, on the other hand, will handle the actual production – which is reportedly scheduled to begin sometime in 2023.

“On behalf of Paramount Pictures and the wider ViacomCBS family, we look forward to ushering in the first theatrical collaboration from these creative visionaries,” says Brian Robbins, President & CEO of Paramount Pictures.

“And galvanizing audiences worldwide around a powerful storytelling experience.”

Stay updated on the South Park creators, Kendrick Lamar, and Dave Free’s comedy movie here.

Side note: “Oh my God… they killed Kung Fu Kenny!” “Those bastards!”