Watch: The Incredible Versatility Of Daniel Day-Lewis’ Accent & Voice Work

Daniel Day-Lewis has spent a career being celebrated for his superior acting method. The man doesn’t just take a role– he becomes a role. 

From the My Left Foot Days, to There Will Be Blood, and Lincoln (plus who could forget Gangs of New York?)… the characters Day-Lewis portrays have historically come attached with a wide variety of unique accents and idiosyncratic mannerisms. So much so that many find it difficult to outline where Day-Lewis ends and the script begins. 

In the video above, we look back at some of the acclaimed thespian’s finest moments, showcasing the sheer versatility of his accent and voice work. Granted, a good portion of said accents and voices are regional UK, but come on. Lets give credit where credit is due. 

Check it out.