WATCH: James Corden & Kanye West Take To The Skies With ‘Airpool Karaoke’

WATCH: James Corden & Kanye West Take To The Skies With ‘Airpool Karaoke’

I’ve always said James Corden is like sand. The guy just seems to end up everywhere and anywhere, and especially where you don’t want him to.
So without any further introduction or groaning, here it is: James Corden and Kanye West taking to the skies with ‘Airpool Karaoke’ supported by the Sunday Service Choir. And if all goes according to Corden’s plan for world domination, this may very well just be the first of many evolutions of his famed ‘Carpool Karaoke.’ 

The silver lining here is, of course, we get a wholesome dose of Kanye. In between what can only be described as killer renditions of some familiar songs, he reveals details about his recent journey of finding religion, the public intimacies of his marriage with Kim Kardashian-West, as well as how he has chosen to express all of the above through his music. 

But as usual, this isn’t without a few eyebrow-raising moments. The most notable of which is when classic Yeezy states that “being in service to Christ” was how he managed to bank a $68 million USD tax return this financial year. Not sure that’s how it works exactly, but given how churches are pretty much tax havens, he might be onto something. Hell, I think we’d all “work for God” if that was the outcome.

Watch the full twenty-minute experience below.

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