American Psycho & Trainspotting Writers Team Up For A TV Series

American Psycho & Trainspotting Writers Team Up For A TV Series

In yet another collaboration ordained by the television gods themselves – the second one we’ve covered this week – Bret Easton Ellis and Irvine Welsh have announced they will be collaborating on a brand new satirical drama series. If those names strike you as unfamiliar, allow me to provide some reassurance: their works certainly won’t.

Ellis is best known for penning the American Psycho novel, as well as having written The Rules of Attraction and Less Than Zero. Welsh, on the other hand, is responsible for Trainspotting, Porno, and Filth. It almost goes without saying – both parties are literary geniuses in their own right. Icons of the craft, even.

The project in question is currently titled American Tabloid. The central plot will revolve around a weekly publication where political correctness, morals, and ethics are “left firmly at the door” – e.g. Daily Mail. Spanning over decades, it’ll bring attention to the flaws and shady practices prevalent within the media landscape.

“To do this production justice, we always knew we would require writers who don’t hold back and go way further than most would dare,” says Shelley Hammond of Burning Wheels Productions, the company in negotiation with both Ellis and Welsh.

“We are beyond delighted that we are ready to agree on a deal to make this happen with the incredible talent of Bret Easton Ellis and Irvine Welsh. This would be the first time the two have collaborated professionally – and with the support to allow creative freedom, we are confident spectacular things will happen.”

Expectations are high.