The BH Approved Bedroom Playlist For Valentine’s Day

BH Approved Valentine's Day Playlist

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Valentine’s Day playlist is merely a template. Feel free to mix and match to tailor your preferences/needs. In other words, don’t fucking @us in the comment section.

Set the mood just right this coming Valentine’s Day with a curated Spotify playlist… an aural experience, if you will. Before engaging with something that sounds remarkably similar. 

Below, you’ll find a forty-song run of what we believe will start the night exactly how you want it to start. With a little Sabrina Claudio, a decent amount of Frank Ocean, and a lot of Daniel Caesar. Trust us, it’ll get the job done. We’ve even slipped in a surprise at Track 39 for the final minute dash. 

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Here’s how we’ve architectured it all to go down (no pun intended):

  • Track 1
    Game on (warm-up).
  • Track 10
    The deed (round one).
  • Track 20
    End of round one (cool down/warm-up).
  • Track 30
    Deed: the sequel (round two).
  • Track 39
    Lol (last-minute dash – we’ll let you decide if you should keep that one in)
  • Track 40

Enjoy the BH approved Valentine’s Day playlist and hopefully, it helps all you virile young folk out there get the job done.