Pornhub Year In Review 2021 - Lana Rhoades

Pornhub Reveals What You Filthy Animals Have Been Watching In 2021

Another year, another statistical breakdown of how we spent our time behind closed doors. And despite how depressing 2021 has…

charles deluvio xhwfifiuuui unsplash 1 scaled

What Is The Average Penis Size According To Science?

It’s uncanny how almost every bloke on Earth knows the exact measurement of their schmeat down to the millimetre. Knowing…

Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky American Crime Story Impeachment Trailer

Bill Clinton Welcomes A Visitor In ‘American Crime Story: Impeachment’ Trailer

At long last, the follow-up to The People v OJ Simpson and The Assassination of Gianni Versace will soon be…

Tokyo Olympic condoms

Tokyo Olympic Athletes Aren’t Allowed To Use The 160,000 Condoms They’ve Been Given

Reports of sex at the Olympic Games are pretty varied, from claims that it’s not all that common, to an…

What To Say During Sex According To Dr Emily Morse

4 Words You Should Always Say In Bed (According To A Sex Expert)

Before you start prematurely firing off punchlines about firing off prematurely, no… the four words aren’t: “Sorry, this never happens.”…

Sasha Grey Interview

INTERVIEW: Whatever Happened to Sasha Grey?

It was the mid-2000s, when dial-up internet became a distant memory and a new generation of online enthusiasts embraced a…

Men With A Larger Nose Have A Bigger Penis (According To Science)

Study Finds Men With A Larger Nose Have A Bigger Penis

A new study conducted by researchers from the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine has discovered a correlation between nose and…

Lana Rhoades Boss Hunting Interview

Lana Rhoades Is A Multi-Millionaire After Quitting Porn

This is the only and exclusive interview granted by American adult-film actress Lana Rhoades during her visit to Sydney as part of 2018’s Sexpo convention.

Pollution Small Penises

Scientists Discover Link Between Pollution & Small Penises

Let’s not faff about with any of the usual cheeky banter and get right down to the pressing issue at…

BH Approved Valentine's Day Playlist

The BH Approved Bedroom Playlist For Valentine’s Day

Aural pleasure.

best sex workouts

Become A Sex God With These Simple Workouts

Studies increasingly credit regular sex workouts to not only enhancing your sexual stamina and performance – but even for your…

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Did Wilt Chamberlain Actually Sleep With Over 20,000 Women?

As one of the greatest NBA players of all time with countless league records across several categories to his name,…