Kanye West Announces New Album DONDA Will Be Released This Week

Kanye West Announces New Album DONDA Will Be Released This Week

Before we proceed, can I just say – of course this is happening. After all the shenanigans, bizarre-yet-on-brand behaviour, and public meltdown – confirmed billionaire/fashion mogul/presidential candidate Kanye West has just announced the timely arrival of his tenth studio album DONDA.

This new album – named in honour of West’s late mother – was first teased over the weekend when a tweet revealing DONDA’s tracklist was posted. After sufficient screenshotting and speculation time had gone by, said tweet was then deleted. This newly posted tracklist, however, appears to be slightly different.

As you can see below, there’s the inclusion of a song entitled ‘God’s Country’ – which was previously said to be this album’s original name – as well as another song entitled ‘SpaceX – Alien’ – which I’m just guessing is a reference to his mate Elon Musk. Whether Musk himself or significant other Grimes has any involvement with this track is currently unclear.

For the sake of keeping this article focused on the album itself, and to avoid dogpiling on a man who is clearly going through something right now, let’s just leave things here. And for those who have somehow missed all the commotion, don’t worry – you’ll hear about it soon enough from everywhere/everyone else in the world. Just not here. Personally, we don’t have that kind of energy to keep up anymore…

DONDA will apparently be available to purchase and stream on July 24th.