It’s About Time You Rediscovered Jet’s Album ‘Get Born’

It’s About Time You Rediscovered Jet’s Album ‘Get Born’

Cruising along the winding coast roads of southern Sydney, my mate says to me “get around this one” as he pairs his phone to the car’s Bluetooth. The opening riff of ‘Cold Hard Bitch’ began to purr through the speakers and neither of us said anything for the next 4 minutes and 3 seconds.

Jet’s 2003 debut album, Get Born was a killer fusion of everyone’s favourite rock bands into one, home-grown sound that you just can’t help but love. 13 years on and it’s still an absolute ripper of an album. It’s about time you rediscovered its magic.

While “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” is the iconic, chart-topping track that you definitely bust some air guitars moves to at a school disco or wedding reception back in the day, after a second listen the remaining 12 tracks tick almost every box just as well.

With the odd mellow tune to give the head banging rock a break every once in a while, Get Born has something for everyone. Groovy basslines, insane drums and classic hooks from some of the most faithful guitar riffs in the business.

Perfect timing too, as the group has recently announced it’s returning for their first set of shows in 6 years. Do yourself a favour, dust off the cobwebs and give this ridiculously good album another spin.