boom supersonic overture jet

The Boom Supersonic ‘Overture’ Jet Is Aiming To Fly Passengers By 2029

If you’re developing a commercial jet, receiving a $60 million investment (AU$82.4 million) from the US Air Force definitely doesn’t…

Swiss Air Force Target Practice AXALP 2021 Airshow

WATCH: Swiss Air Force Demos Insane Target Practice Through Mountains

As we stated in a previous article about the unrivalled Fairchild Republic A-10 “Warthog” Thunderbolt II jets making Swiss cheese…

Learjet will stop production in 2021.

Bombardier To Shutdown Production Of Legendary Learjet Aircraft

Ever since their first model first took flight on 7th October 1963, Learjet has been synonymous with business aviation and…

WATCH: A-10 Warthog Jets Run Target Practice On A Humvee

Civilians such as you and I often have an extremely basic – not to mention inaccurate – understanding of what…

Gulfstream Launch Their New Flagship Jet, The $110m G700

Gulfstream’s new G700 jet is the epitome of luxury, seating up to 19 passengers and sleeping 10.

Vanquish Yacht’s Vanqraft VQ16 Is A Jet-Ski/Yacht Hybrid

You definitely didn’t wake up this morning praying someone would slip this one into your feed – but hey, life comes at you fast.

Drake Shows Off His New ‘Air Drake’ Private Jet

The 6 God shows why he’s a true baller with his exclusive partnership with Canada’s Cargojet.

The Mind-Blowing Tech Inside The $560,000 F-35 Fighter Jet Helmet

Maverick’s got a new whip.

Everything We Know About The Lockheed Martin SR-72: The Blackbird’s Hypersonic Successor

This futuristic spy plane is aiming to reach speeds in excess of Mach 6 and will reach any destination on earth within the hour.

Fly Like Iron Man In This $440,000 Jet Suit

A little bulkier than the Marvel version, but we’ll take what I can get.

Beat The Time Zones: How To Best Mitigate Jet Lag

The mantra that ‘west is best, east is beast’ is unfortunately true. Unfortunate because Aussies are pretty much screwed either way.

The Service That Cures Hangovers, Headaches, & Jetlag Almost Instantly

Many of us have joked about it, but now there is a quick remedy that cures hangovers, headaches, and jetlag.