Grand Theft Auto Online Actually Has A Full Solomun DJ Set In-Game
— Updated on 30 July 2021

Grand Theft Auto Online Actually Has A Full Solomun DJ Set In-Game

— Updated on 30 July 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

As if the latest Grand Theft Auto gaming experience wasn’t already expansive and detailed enough, many of us are just discovering the full hour and half DJ set by Solomun ready for the viewing. An hour and a half! That’s like 0.989 of an entire Paul Blart: Mall Cop (**how I personally measure time).

This fresh aspect of the acclaimed digital reality is all thanks to GTA Online’s recent after hours expansion. For the uninitiated and the unfamiliar, the after hours expansion allows players to run nightclubs and other sleazy midnight hangs. And sure, they could have just looped a few songs licensed for in-game use, easily calling it a day. But no. Rockstar Games just had to above and beyond for the people. 

On the subject of above and beyond, this fully fleshed out Solomun experience is just the beginning. As it has been revealed that the nightclub expansion on GTA Online has also enlisted the likes of Dixon, The Black Madonna, and Tale of Us for their own feature length in-game runs. Light, sound, and emotion. 

For those of you non-gamers, never fear, as one enthusiastic Reddit user took it upon themselves to record the entire thing for the internet’s viewing/listening pleasure. 

Suss out the set list and watch the full DJ performance below:

  • (00:00) Am$trad Billionaire – The Plan [DARKROOM DUBS] 
  • (04:55) Ara Koufax – Natural States 
  • (10:18) Swayzak – In The Car Crash (Headgear ‘Always Crashing In The Same Car’ Mix) [STUDIO !K7] 
  • (16:16) D. Lynnwood – Bitcoins [SHAPES OF RHYTHM] 
  • (19:24) Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance (Todd Terje Remix) [VINYL FACTORY] 
  • (24:44) Denis Horvat – Madness Of Many [DIYNAMIC] 
  • (30:05) Johannes Brecht – Page Blanche 
  • (35:58) Solomun – Ich Muss Los [DIYNAMIC] 
  • (40:31) Matthew Dear – Monster [DIYNAMIC] 
  • (44:01) Truncate – WRKTRX 3 [TRUNCATE] 
  • (48:05) Floorplan – Spin [M-PLANT] 
  • (52:39) Cevin Fisher – The Freaks Come Out (2000 Freak Mix) [SUBVERSIVE] 
  • (57:31) Chris Lum – You’re Mine (Clean Version) [HOOJ CHOONS] (61:37) Alex Metric & Ten Ven – The Q
  • (65:50) Solomun – Customer Is King [DIYNAMIC] 
  • (69:43) Adam Port – Planet 9
  • (74:15) Dubfire – The End To My Beginning metoxys 
  • (81:11) Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker (Solomun Remix) [COLUMBIA (SONY)]

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