Who We’re Excited To See This Year At Splendour In The Grass
— Updated on 30 July 2021

Who We’re Excited To See This Year At Splendour In The Grass

— Updated on 30 July 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu


Manu Crook$
This Sydney rapper is shattering all stereotypes of Aussie hip-hop leaning towards lad-hop, and bringing something dark and broodier to the scene. So much so he’s been attracting the attention of heavyweight players like A$AP Ferg.

Part-time Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike and songwriting talent of the generation, Didirri brings a calmer, acoustic presence to the sound stages. Something that might work a treat in between the sweaty, high-intensity sets.

Cub Sport
Full disclosure, the eagerness to see this particular act stems mostly from the cover they did below. Beyond that, they’re easy on the ears, and easier on the soul. Definitely worth a look at.

Middle Kids
Feel good riffs meets feel good vocals. Middle Kids songs are the kind of tunes you’ll hear in those pivotal life-transition scenes of indie films about adults who are figuring it out– and yes, that’s meant to be a compliment. As someone who’s into that sort of thing, anyways.


Sampa the Great
Spellbinding and spiritual. It’s a big call, but dare I say Sampa has never disappointed. Let’s keep the streak going, eh?

Touch Sensitive
Coming off the release of a phenomenal album, seeing the man himself lay down the fresh/incredible/singular/hip-swinging tracks will be nothing but pleasure. 

Gang of Youths
Australia’s sweethearts has had quite the past few years. Hit songs, s/o’s from talent across the field, accolades upon accolades, and virtually non-stop touring. Their return to the amphitheatre will be a welcomed one.

Nostalgia. It might be disrespectful to write off what they have accomplished in the years since Kids and Electric Feel, but you’re mad silly if you think I’m going for any other songs besides Kids and Electric Feel.

Synth-laden goodness is what awaits you when these Glaswegians take the stage. I have a funny feeling this will be the unexpected act where the crowd will get hella rowdy. 


Kendrick Lamar
I mean, do I really have to justify my personal hype surrounding K. Dot on our shores? No. Not even in the slightest. The king is back, and very much alive, with a promise to bring something litty with him. 

Vampire Weekend
Champions of mid 2000’s indie rock are also set to make an appearance. The hope of this old fan is that we get to hear plenty of classic tracks that gives us them Wes Anderson vibes. You know what I mean. 

Franz Ferdinand
OK. So many were disappointed that The Arctic Monkeys weren’t the lock in we were lead to believe they were. And while it’s unfair to see their Domino Records label mates, Franz Ferdinand, as a consolation prize, you have to admit; Franz Ferdinand are a pretty fucking awesome consolation prize. 

Lil Xan

Meme. That is all.

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