— Updated on 18 July 2022

‘Atlanta Season 3’ Finally Confirms Its Release Date

— Updated on 18 July 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

UPDATE [24/12/21]: Atlanta season 3 now has a confirmed release date of March 24th, 2022.

UPDATE [1/11/21]: Donald Glover has just shared an eery first teaser for Atlanta season 3 with an early 2022 release date still on the cards – watch it via the link below or hit play on the reposted version above.

Original Article – ‘Atlanta Season 3’ Release Date Scheduled For Early 2022

Radio silence is just the norm when it comes to the seldom-publicised production timeline of FX’s Atlanta, created by the equally elusive multi-hyphenate talent, Donald Glover – otherwise known as Childish Gambino. The last time fans got any sort of update about the highly-anticipated third and fourth seasons was when Glover momentarily returned to Twitter last November, hinting the critically-acclaimed dramedy is “some of the best television ever made” since HBO’s The Sopranos. Today, we’ve received yet another rare update, indicating Atlanta season 3 will have an early 2022 release date (three years since the last episode dropped).

The confirmation was offered by none other than FX President John Landgraf, who also revealed production had kicked off in earnest for Atlanta season 4.

“That is our anticipation and I think we’ll be able to lock down an actual date, certainly for [Atlanta season 3], maybe for both cycles relatively soon,” says John Landgraf.

“It shot primarily in Europe, actually. It’s in post-production, but it is a lengthy post-production process on that, and part of the reason it’s lengthy is because they’re actually in production right now for season 4 in Atlanta.”

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The reason behind principal photography taking place in Europe, of course, is due to Atlanta season 2’s story direction. Many of you may recall the final episode involved Donald Glover’s Earnest “Earn” Marks preparing to undertake an international concert tour with his cousin + up-and-coming rapper Alfred Miles / Paper Boi (portrayed by Brian Tyree Henry), Alfred’s singular unit of a lieutenant Darius Epps (portrayed by Lakeith Stanfield), as well as the mercurial, two-faced rapper Clark County (portrayed by RJ Walker).

Atlanta season 3 and season 4 were initially scheduled for back-to-back production last year. Like countless other film and television productions, however, plans were forced to change due to COVID-19. Naturally, this meant season 3 wouldn’t make the originally intended release date of January 2021.

It wasn’t completely without some benefits, however. Similar to the silver lining enjoyed by Dan Harmon and the folks over at Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty, this year-long shutdown provided ample time to complete Atlanta’s written component – which FX Chairman John Landgraf has called an “unexpected boon“. With zero shooting commitments, the scripts for both season 3 and season 4 were firmly been completed.

“I absolutely adore those scripts for both seasons,” adds John Landgraf.

“There is a lof (of magic) coming,” tweets Donald Glover.

“Y’all thought I was hot in 2018.”

A more specific release date for FX’s Atlanta season 3 will be marked “within a couple months.”


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