‘Black Mirror’ Creator To Make A Netflix Mockumentary About 2020

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2020 has been a year which parody (almost) cannot touch. From political scenarios once thought to be inconceivable, modern tech gone absurdly dystopic, to everything that COVID-19 has entailed – it’s little wonder why we haven’t received another season of Black Mirror. Unwilling to go down without a fight, however, Black Mirror creator – Charlie Brooker – has now set his masterfully bleak sights on a mockumentary about 2020 for Netflix starring none other than Hugh Grant.

The entire project had been kept under extremely tight wraps with Brooker himself having previously noted he wasn’t sure what he was allowed to say; that all fell apart when Grant let it slip during a round of press interviews promoting HBO’s recently-concluded hit miniseries The Undoing in which he co-stars alongside Nicole Kidman:

“Charlie Brooker has written a mockumentary about 2020 – it’s for Netflix,” Grant tells Vulture.

“I am a historian who’s being interviewed about the year. I’m pretty repellent, actually. And you’ll like my wig.”

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For those of you expecting something as bluntly confronting as Black Mirror, you may be in for some disappointment. As Charlie Brooker stated in an interview earlier this year, he believes the world has become far too bleak for entertainment of that variety. Instead, he’s returning to his more comedic-satire roots.

“At the moment, I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart, so I’m not working away on any [Black Mirror episodes]… I’m sort of keen to revisit my comic skill set, so I’ve been writing scripts aimed at making myself laugh.”

Beyond what Grant and Brooker have revealed thus far, no further details have officially been disclosed at this point in time. Given the former’s most recent performance in both Guy Ritchies’ The Gentlemen and The Undoing, as well as the latter’s proven talent when it comes to storytelling, this may very well be the perfect creative pairing.

We’ll be sure to update you as the details come.