Here’s Your First Look At Rick And Morty Season 5

Over the weekend at Comic-Con at Home‘s virtual panels, the world was treated to an early preview of Rick And Morty season 5. Throwing audiences right into that signature Rick And Morty high-concept chaos, complete with fragmented realities, this cold open for a future episode introduces us to Rick’s so-called “nemesis” – which he seems rather embarrassed about.

As a show, Rick And Morty have historically struggled to keep with the agreed production timelines and release schedule. Episodes have arrived sporadically, with release dates being an even bigger mystery – the latter being more a consequence of co-creator Dan Harmon’s established work culture as opposed to being secretive by design. Either way, it does the job with building anticipation. But in a world-first, Rick And Morty season 5 is ahead of schedule.

“We’re basically done writing it,” says Harmon.

“It’s a crazy situation to be in because this show has notoriously kept everyone behind schedule.”

Shockingly enough, the writers are already working on storyboarding Rick And Morty season 6. Which certainly bodes well for the fans. Hopefully, this means a set release date will soon be announced. And who knows, perhaps co-creator Justin Roiland’s dream of releasing an episode a month may even come into fruition.

Anyways, check out the sneak preview now (plus a newly released Adult Swim short below it).