‘Friday Sharpeners’ Ep. 10: Q&A With The Boys

In Episode 10 of ‘Friday Sharpeners’, Jack & John fantasize about what could have been if we’d won last night’s $150 Powerball jackpot, talk about the eye-opening benefits of the Wim Hof Method, and get hyped for the Singapore Grand Prix, which Antonio & James are currently on the ground for.

We decided to change up the back end of the podcast this week to mark the double-digit milestone by getting you guys involved. With your comments, questions, thoughts and feedback about the podcast thus far, we chat about everything from receding hairlines to three-piece suits and the future of Boss Hunting. Thanks for your input legends!

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Big ups to our friends at RØDE for the kit, we’re using the RØDECaster Pro and RØDE Procaster mics