Friday Sharpeners S3 E1: Coronavirus, Cervezas, & Cars

Back by popular demand – not really – Jack, James, John, and Garry have hopped onto Zoom to record a Lockdown Edition of Friday Sharpeners.

Right out of the gates, the lads catch each other up on what’s been happening (Garry sounds like he’s been kept in a box until now), how they’ve all been occupying their time, throw in some general chat about what they’re watching on Netflix and so forth, as well as the obligatory car chat.

Apologies in advance for the drop in sound quality… as well as whatever drops in quality there may be. For those who didn’t find this instalment of Friday Sharpeners particularly entertaining, maybe we can make it up to you with this article on 8 Flogs You’ll Only Find During A Global Pandemic.

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