Friday Sharpeners S3 E11: Driving Ferraris, Australia’s Highest-Earning Postcodes, & Smelling Good AF

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Another week, another podcast. Join Jack, James, John, and Garry for the usual Friday Sharpeners round-up.

James opens the discussion prompted by a restless night in a soft hotel mattress before coming to agreement with Jack and John on some Ferrari truths following their midweek track day – obligatory car chat follows from there. The lads share their thoughts on a special on the market, the 10 highest-earning Aussie postcodes according to the ATO, followed by an in-depth discussion about scents as well as the science behind them – and a concussed Garry speaks a whopping total of 5 words.

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Big ups to our friends at RØDE for the kit too, we’re using the RØDECaster Pro and RØDE Procaster mics