HBO Is Developing A Series With ‘The Sopranos’ Actor Michael Imperioli

hbo michael imperioli alec berg new series

Just when he thought he was out, HBO pulls Michael Imperioli back in. According to an exclusive published by Variety, The Sopranos actor is returning within the premium content network’s fold by starring in addition to co-developing a brand new scripted series with legendary comedy writer/director/producer, Alec Berg.

Berg, for the uninitiated, honed his craft with hit shows such as Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Silicon Valley, before teaming up with SNL alumni Bill Hader to co-create and executive produce yet another home run in Barry. Considering three out of the four titles we’ve just namechecked are HBO properties, it’s safe to say Berg is a company man through and through.

The upcoming series in question will reportedly be a “meta blend of fact and fiction”, partially based on Imperioli’s personal experience as a practising Buddhist. So really, we’re looking at something which will ostensibly navigate the same territory as Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm (although probably leaning more towards the latter than the former).

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But as the discerning folks over at the AVClub have noted, the overall tone of this project has yet to be announced. However unlikely it may be with someone like Berg onboard, we still could be in for a dose of drama. Dramedy, perhaps.

Michael Imperioli as a writing talent is something which many have overlooked (with the exception of HBO, of course). During The Soprano’s original televised run, the man behind Christopher Moltisanti also penned five episodes – ‘From Where To Eternity’ (S02E09), ‘The Telltale Moozadell’ (S03E09), ‘Christopher’ (S04E03), ‘Everybody Hurts’ (S04E06), and ‘Marco Polo’ (S05E08).

For now, although there’s still a whole heap of details to be announced ranging from production schedules to possible release… this is certainly cause for celebration. Christo-fuh is back, baby.

hbo michael imperioli alec berg new series