History Wants To Repeat In First Trailer For ‘Creed II’

History Wants To Repeat In First Trailer For ‘Creed II’

It seems as though history wants to repeat itself in this first trailer for Creed II, as Apollo Creed is set to face off with a Drago in the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed spin-off film. And this looks to be one for the books.

Michael B. Jordan returns as the titular Creed, alongside Sylvester Stallone and Tessa Thompson in their supporting roles. Of course, it wouldn’t be a full set without the original Ivan Drago, which is why Dolph Lundgren is also stepping back in the proverbial ring. In terms of literal boxing rings, it’s fairly unlikely. 

Original director, Ryan Coogler, has stepped aside for this instalment. Making room for Steve Caple, Jr., as well as his own schedule given the monster success of his recent career. Something to do with a little known film called Black Panther (heard of it?).

Watch the full trailer above.

(Note: best use of Kendrick Lamar’s DNA, no?)