Kanye West Hints At “Watch The Throne 2” Releasing Soon

Kanye West Hints At “Watch The Throne 2” Releasing Soon

For a while, it seemed like a faraway fantasy. One that wouldn’t likely happen, like Frank Ocean’s Blonde prior to 2016 or Travis Scott’s Astroworld prior to this year. In 2016, Kanye West claimed it would never happen, and with all the bad blood between him and Jay-Z that was being made public, all hope appeared lost… until now

Kanye West has just tweeted that Watch the Throne 2 is “coming soon”, and holy shit do we all want to believe it. 

This news comes with the underlying implication that Ye and Hova have made up in the years since The Life of Pablo tour. The entire project, after all, hinges on the (hopefully) positive standing of the two hip-hop legends’ relationship. That is unless Jay-Z is tied up in a concrete basement somewhere with a gun to his head and a mic to his mouth. But if it means we get more bangers like No Church in the Wild, Otis, Who Gon Stop Me, and of course, N****s in Paris… I wouldn’t be entirely opposed to that prospect**

Mr. West has been on quite the production hot streak this year, with the back to back releases of G.O.O.D Music records from Pusha-T’s acclaimed Daytonna to Teyana Taylor’s equally celebrated K.T.S.E. There’s even plans for a Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper collab.

Watch this space for Watch the Throne 2… 

[**NOTE: we at Boss Hunting do not condone the kidnapping and subsequent forced studio recordings of Jay-Z in any way.]