Netflix Announce “Black Mirror” Season 4 With New Trailer

Netflix Announce “Black Mirror” Season 4 With New Trailer

Some of Netflix’s most intriguing television of this decade is set to return in the form of 6 additional episodes, making up a fourth season of the hyperreal drama Black Mirror.

The dark, satirical TV series comprises of unassociated episodes that explore a futuristic take on an impending or current social issue. Today’s moral ambiguities are twisted and problems in our social fabric are scarily played out ahead of time, delivering some seriously gripping and all-too relevant watching.

Since the streaming mega service picked up the series from Channel 4, the show has gained world-wide popularity from its boosted exposure to viewers. For this new season, the names, casts and writers of the six new episodes have been released alongside a short trailer.

Most notably, award-winning actress Jodie Foster makes her Black Mirror directorial debut with her own episode titled “Arkangel.” Game of Thrones’ Tim Van Patten also takes the reigns for an episode, as does Toby Haynes, the man behind the BBC’s Doctor Who and the equally witty and expertly written Sherlock.

The show’s front-runner from the outset, Charlie Brooker, has writing credits on every episode of the new season.

While speaking with BBC’s Radio 4, Brooker makes a point of emphasising the ludicrousness of this particular season compared to others, saying that despite some of his previous work basically becoming true (Season 2’s The Waldo Moment & Donald Trump’s Election), he surely hopes it won’t be the case this season.

“For this coming season the episodes are quite far out there, so I don’t envisage that being a problem. Although if that does happen the world is really fucked…well, the world is really fucked, so we’ll see.”