You Can Now Stream With Friends Using Netflix Party

You Can Now Stream With Friends Using Netflix Party

Just because you’re in self-quarantine, doesn’t mean you can’t hang with your mates. Especially with the help of the Netflix Party app – a platform that allows you to stream content in sync with multiple people.

Granted, binging alone is quite pleasurable. But binging with others? That’s just something that going solo can’t compare with on most occasions. Throw in the comfort of your own respective beds and space… this might even become a cultural staple well after COVID-19.

The noble developers behind this app have also thrown in a message board function. So you have the option to either start up a group call or keep the running commentary going with a more silent text format (read: opt out of mid-movie bullshit chatter).

Netflix Party is available to download for free as a Google Chrome extension. Currently, Google Chrome is the only browser this is available on, but that shouldn’t be much of an obstacle – and if you’re not using Google Chrome in 2020, what are you even doing with your life?

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