Netflix Is Developing A Splinter Cell Series

Clearly satisfied with how well its adaptation of The Witcher turned out, Netflix now has a Splinter Cell series in their cross-hairs. Currently being developed in collaboration with Ubisoft, this production has also enlisted the very capable John Wick writer – Derek Kolstad.

Kolstad will serve as both writer and executive producer. Reports are indicating the initial order covers 16 episodes divided across two seasons. Although specifics of this deal has not yet been outlined by Netflix, Ubisoft, nor Kolstad himself. All we know is that this series will be animated in the style of anime.

The award-winning Splinter Cell video games were themselves an adaptation of Tom Clancy’s hit novels. The former practically redefined stealth gameplay throughout the 2000s, allowing tens of millions to assume the role of highly-trained black-ops agent – Sam Fisher. Fisher worked within an NSA sub-division known simple as “Third Echelon” and saved the world more times than any person should (pretty standard for most video game protagonists, really).

On a personal note, it is to my belief Chaos Theory and Double Agent are among the greatest video game releases of all time – and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on.

We’ll update you on the details regarding the Netflix Splinter Cell series as they come.