Netflix Pits Supercars Against Sleepers In ‘Fastest Car’ Trailer

A rust bucket station-wagon against a Lamborghini. The Lambo wins… right? Apparently not, as hinted by this fresh trailer for the upcoming unscripted Netflix series, Fastest Car.

This show will see three humble sleeper cars, whose capabilities exceed their aesthetic, against that of your stock standard supercars. Beyond the physical material of metal rivets, carbon, and rubber, this will ultimately be a competition between the roll-up-your-sleeves ingenuity and know-how of work class people passionate about motors, against those who simply purchase a top speed from the dealership.

Fastest Car promises so much more than what-if gimmick, as indicated in the trailer, tensions will run high and light social commentary will be revealed in front of the camera. This is everything a car fan could ever ask for, and more. And even this stooge who cannot tell the difference between a fan belt and an oxygen filter cannot wait.

Watch the trailer above, and get ready for the showdown.