WATCH: ‘Rick And Morty’ Anime Brings The Samurai Action

Rick and Morty Anime

What Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty lacks in consistent episode production, they more than make up for in additional online content. Case in point – this Rick and Morty anime short inspired by the Lone Wolf & Cub manga.

Dubbed in authentic Japanese, Samurai Rick finds himself defending Shogun Morty from a band of Ninja Ricks. As even the most casual of Rick and Morty fans will be able to predict, this soon leads to an extended cut of Rick WTM-72 tearing through the alternate Ricks in a spate of highly-stylised carnage. The only difference this time around is the weapon of choice.

Of course, this isn’t the first time fans have been served a themed additional short. These shorts have become something of a staple, each one as confronting and left-of-field as the last. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, you can check out the Australian themed 11-minute… experience… created by our very own Michael Cusack of ‘Ciggy Butt Brain’ fame here.

Currently, the world awaits the second half of the show’s fourth season, the release date having yet to be announced. Whether this has something to do with Co-creator Dan Harmon’s famed time management or other Co-creator/lead voice talent Justin Roiland’s upcoming animated show on Hulu is unclear. The only thing that is for certain at this point in time? The fans’ hunger for more.

Watch the full Rick and Morty anime short below.