Where many will proclaim science has gone too far, I say it hasn't gone far enough. Let humankind never stop progressing. Stem cell research, artificial intelligence, and now, this: The Barisieur coffee brewing alarm clock. An innovation second to none that will help you wake up the right way.

This is well and truly a thing of beauty. And I'm not just referring to its aesthetic, though granted, we should all take a minute to appreciate how clean-cut and minimalistic the design stands to be. Featuring stainless steel components and glassware that "... sits on a charming walnut or rubber-wood timber tray...", an induction coil has been integrated to boil water "... efficiently and safely..." in the glass boiling vessel.


On the subject of simple, how the Barisieur functions is also clean-cut and unconvoluted. All you need to do is load up the contraption with ground/filter/espresso coffee, water, and milk (there's a milk vessel that keeps it cool overnight and deactivates when milk is not detected). From there, set the desired time of awakening, and the rest will be taken care of (boiling time takes three to four minutes).  

But, you don't have to set an alarm to enjoy a cup of home brew... nor does it have to be coffee. As this next-gen alarm clock has a "make" on-demand button, while also being able to produce tea instead. The world's in your hands.


The Barisieur comes with cups and is dishwasher friendly. Find out more here.

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