No friction. Only shame.

It's time to ditch the green felt. While it will forever remain iconic, and served well in its storied past, we must now make room for modernity. Elite modernity. Presenting: the X1 Everest pool table. With a surface made from glass, and crystal clear transparency, this bad boy is absolutely perfect for seeing how badly you just missed that last shot.

As Elite Innovations put it:

"Our pool tables combine ultra modern styling with patented technology – the playing area features the all-new Levian crystal clear playing surface atop premium quality 1″ ultra clear monolithic float glass. Replicating the play characteristics of standard cloth and slate surfaces with incredible durability and clarity, Levian is a rubber-like 0.067”(1.7mm) coating that allows the included standard regulation Aramith 2.25″ balls to roll with stunning smoothness, quietness and accuracy."


In other words, you can watch your last striped ball practically float across the table... and glide right past the corner pocket, as it bounces to the adjacent wall, and just... sits there. Staring you in your dumb, uncoordinated face. The motion is so elegant, you'll barely feel the red, hot flush of shame burn in your cheeks.

In terms of serious practicality points and benefits, glass and metal are obviously substances that are more rigid, and harder to wear down. Which means your standard X1 Everest table will not be susceptible to the sagging and warping of wood and felt, introducing an unprecedented element of durability and longevity-- with minimal maintenance requirements. And with Elite Innovation's patented Levian coating, the glass top surface is "... thoroughly [protected]..." from "... the most severe ball impacts...", sore loser tantrums, as well as drunken pool cue slip ups.


The one catch is, the X1 Everest glass pool tables are extremely limited. With only five being produced a year, custom installation by a professional included with purchase. And while no official pricing has been listed, it's safe to say that mock and ridicule from your mates as you barely kiss that shiny, black eight ball is sold separately (but very free).

Find out more about the X1 Everest glass pool table here.