The Best And Worst Ads Of Super Bowl 51
— 13 February 2017

The Best And Worst Ads Of Super Bowl 51

— 13 February 2017
Tim Bull
Tim Bull

Super Bowl 51 will go down as one of the most memorable of all time! While the play on the pitch is worth a mention, it’s the action in between plays that caught our attention. The world’s largest companies opening their wallets for 30 seconds of fame!

More than 110 million people tuned in for Sunday’s epic Super Bowl 51 in the United States alone and this means BIG opportunity for advertisers. The Super Bowl epitomises US commercialisation and is about more, MUCH MORE than just the Football.

Thanksgiving is the only single day where American’s eat more food. 1.3 Billion Chicken Wings, 12.5 Million Pizzas, more than $2 Billion worth of Alcohol and over 100 million pounds of Guacamole! When they do it, they do it BIG.

While this ranks as one of the most important days for the Food and Beverage industry, it is undoubtedly the biggest day in the Advertising world. A single 30 second advertising slot during Super Bowl 51 is believed to have cost between $5 – $5.5 Million dollars. That’s just for a single add space! Bundle that with the obscene production and casting costs (staring the likes of Morgan Freeman, Justin Timberlake and Jason Statham to name a few) and this makes for some eye watering figures.

Surely there must be better ways to allocate 10’s of Millions of dollars than on one (or for the big spenders, a few) commercials? Not according to a Forbes article suggesting that the ‘Super Bowl Adds Are A Bargain At $5 Million

Super Bowl commercials have traditionally produced some of the best (and worst) creative pieces in advertising history and when you’re paying more than $150,000 per second, you want to stand out. This year, was no different. The likes of Audi, Coca-Cola, Airbnb, and Budweiser took it as a chance to make some waves putting a political spin on their advertising message.

Here’s a look at some of the best and worst ads of Super Bowl 51.


Budweiser making statements against recent immigration policy?

Airbnb’s ‘We Accept’ celebrating multiculturalism.

Audi taking a stand for equal pay.

Mercedes Benz opting for the more traditional American stereotypes.


Yellow Tail putting us Aussies shame.

Honda, trying to do.. something?

Remember the 100 million pounds of Guacamole! They must be doing something right.

The terms ‘best’ and ‘worst’ are always subjective and with so many options, overwhelming too! click here for a look at all of this years commercials and make your own mind up on the selection.

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Tim Bull


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