When people are discussing the fashion leaders of the world, Australia isn't a name often mentioned. Over the past decade, however, Australian fashion brands have begun to gain some serious momentum in the men's space.

Dozens of unique boutique brands have been building solid reputations and cult followings both here and globally, and while you might not see these brands on the runways of Milan or at Paris Fashion Week, people are beginning to take notice. Here are 15 of our favourite Aussie fashion brands you should be investing your hard earned in this year. 

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Academy Brand

Catering to the everyday male, Academy Brand specialises in quality garments that won't stretch your budget. Similar in style to American labels such as J. Crew and Old Navy, Academy Brand provides comfortable and well-fitting clothes in a variety of neutral colours.

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The People Vs.

This Sydney based outfit label came to life in Bali and is inspired by vintage clothing with a hint of New York grunge. Ripped jeans, faded shirts and quirky designs are all part of what makes The People Vs. standout from the streetwear crowd. 

Best Buy: Unknown Pleasure Tee


Two Sydney mates wanted to capture the lifestyle of Bondi in clothing form and Venroy was born. First specialising in board shorts, Venroy now stocks a wide range of clothes for both guys and gals. 

Best Buy: Signature Swim Short

Barney Cools

Barney Cools

As the name implies, Barney Cools are a little on the zany side. Embodying a rebellious spirit and passionate about everything life has to offer, Barney Cools ethos is displayed in their bright and fun creations. 

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Aiming to capture the laid back Australian lifestyle with their take on men's high-end fashion, Kerrin is doing a tremendous job creating long-lasting outfits with a casual feel. Although the range is small every piece on offer is expertly crafted from the highest quality materials. 

Best Buy: Kangaroo Pocket Sweat

Jack London

As the name suggests, Jack London takes inspiration from the British and European Mod Rocker scene of the 1960s. Mixing a rock and roll attitude with contemporary fashion trends, there are few brands as cool looking as Jack London. They also do suits too that aren't half bad considering they're on the cheaper side.

Best Buy: Fired Up Suit Jacket and Pants

Assembly Label 

Functional coastal inspired designs are what you can expect from Assembly Label. These are simple and minimal creations made with the best materials incorporating a luxurious touch that sets them apart from similar brands. 

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Despite some troubles in the mid-00s, Ksubi has managed to reinvent itself and retain its status as one of Australian fashion's premier denim manufacturers. You'll be hard pressed to find better fitting jeans, with Ksubi the only type of denim jeans I wear.

Best Buy: Van Winkle Jean


Not only does Bassike provide deluxe garments for any occasion but they have a commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Their collections are made from organic materials so not only will you look good, but know you're doing your bit for the environment.

Best Buy: Cotton Waffle Pocket Knit

Jac & Jack

Jac & Jack

Originally focusing on cashmere knitwear, Jac & Jack now offer a sophisticated collection of clothing for the contemporary man. Neutral colours and muted tones are all part of the Jac & Jack experience, with their clothing both fashionable and comfortable. 

Best Buy: Mckell Jacket 


Created by graphic designer, DJ and music producer Nick Demkiw in 2003, Autonomy has secured a cult following worldwide thanks to the brand's appealing designs and stylish colour pallet. Autonomy provides a diverse collection for the modern man.

Best Buy: Sam Knit

P Johnson

Drawing upon traditional Italian tailoring and using only the finest materials, P Johnson is the place to go for a suit that will get you noticed. Along with their fantastic selection of high calibre dress shirts you can purchase great casual pieces including tees, jackets and board shorts.

Best Buy: Denim Shirt

Nana Judy

For over a decade Nana Judy has been at the forefront of the Aussie urban fashion scene. This is premium streetwear with a classic look that won't break the bank. 

Best Buy: The Sawyer Denim Jacket


This underground Melbourne label release limited edition collections inspired by 80s horror, cults and all things dark and grimy. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but Bow3ry have carved out a niche and become a hit within the street fashion community. 

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Launched in 2011 by married couple Amy and Adam Coombes, Kloke caters for the fashion conscious crowd with their collection of offbeat outfits. The Melbourne company sell everything from shirts and tees through to pants and caps, with every piece meticulously crafted to suit every body type. 

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