Respect... there's no way in hell I'd do it myself.

No one said the journey to success was going to be fun and Mark Wahlberg just solidified that sentiment by posting his daily schedule to Instagram. 

Sure, it's not quite in the league of professional athletes and so forth, but it's not that far off.

Here is a verbatim day-in-the-life style breakdown which shows exactly why Mark Wahlberg is Mark Wahlberg, while the rest of us are just kind of... bums. 

"Typical daily schedule:"

  • 2:30am - wake up
  • 2:45am - prayer time
  • 3:15am - breakfast
  • 3:40-5:15am - workout
  • 5:30am - post-workout meal
  • 6:00am - shower 
  • 7:30am - golf  (because all work and no play makes Marky Mark a dull boy...)
  • 8:00am - snack
  • 9:30am - cryo chamber recovery (heavy duty)
  • 10:30am - snack
  • 11:00am - family time/meetings/work calls
  • 1:00pm - lunch
  • 2:00pm - meetings/work calls
  • 3:00pm - pick up kids @ school
  • 3:30pm - snack (love it)
  • 4:00pm - workout #2
  • 5:00pm - shower
  • 5:30pm - dinner/family time
  • 7:30pm - bedtime (missing the best shows on Sunday night HBO, but OK...)

This would obviously be adjusted depending on his production schedule. 

Whether or not this is something he actually does most days is anyone's guess. He could just be having a laugh. 

But this is Marky Mark we're talking about here. It does take a fair few morning crunches to look confused no matter what character he's playing (I kid, please don't crush me).