Cop An Archibald Winner’s Work For Just $100 At The Incognito Art Show
— 27 June 2024

Cop An Archibald Winner’s Work For Just $100 At The Incognito Art Show

— 27 June 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Sydney’s Incognito Art Show is making a return this July with several original works from Archibald Prize winners, and 15,000 others crafted by notable Aussie talents — each one to be sold for a fixed price of $100.

For the uninitiated, this not-for-profit exhibit accepts A5-sized submissions from amateur and professional artists alike, with a crucial twist to level the playing field for all parties involved: the identity of an artwork’s artist is only revealed after the purchase.

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Simply put, one has a fair-to-decent chance of acquiring elite work from Australia’s most celebrated names — or at the very least, something that tickles your taste from an up-and-coming artist — for not a lot of money.

And, to further emphasise the democratic spirit of the Incognito Art Show, a ‘first come, first served’ policy is enforced; with the bidding process removed to give aspiring collectors a fair shake at obtaining something good. Even if they don’t have a war chest of a budget.

All proceeds will go towards two arts-based organisations — Studio A, which provides professional development for artists with intellectual disabilities; and We Are Studios, a disability-led (and fully inclusive) studio that aims to empowers talent.

Incognito Art Show: Cop A Mini Masterpiece For Just $100

Aside from the aforementioned Archibald Prize winners in Julia Gutman, Blak Douglas, as well as the one and only Laura Jones, expect A5 submissions from the following confirmed Archibald, Wynne, and Sulman Prize finalists:

  • Emily Crockford
  • Thom Roberts
  • Daniel Kim
  • Meagan Pelham
  • Oliver Watts
  • Zoe Young
  • Scott Marsh
  • Danny Morse
  • Nick Stathopoulos
  • Tsering Hannaford
  • Caroline Zilinsky
  • Stephanie Galloway Brown
  • Anna Mould
  • Benedict dos Remedios
  • Jedda Daisy Cully
  • Holly Greenwood
  • Kenny Pittock
  • Thom Roberts
  • Vincent Namatjira
  • Joan Ross
  • Juanita McLauchlan
  • Billy Bain
  • Jason Phu

In Australia, the Incognito Art Show is a relatively new premise, having only debuted back in 2021. The concept has been piloted to great success elsewhere in the world; most prolifically in Ireland, where its newest edition will raise funds for the Jack & Fill Foundation.

Incognito Art Show: Cop A Mini Masterpiece For Just $100

“Incognito is now a key feature of the Australian art scene,” said Co-Founder David Liston.

“Having 15,000 artworks to sell is a big task, but speaks to the enthusiasm artists have for Incognito.”

Co-Founder Laura Jones added: “Incognito is a fun and inclusive way to enliven the arts scene. Both Studio A and We Are Studios are organisations that work tirelessly to support artists. Their artists contribute immensely to arts, culture, and the greater community.”

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“I’m so grateful to be involved and I encourage artists to register.”

The Incognito Art Show is scheduled to occur from July 13th-14th, 2024 at 410 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021. 3,000 artworks are expected to sell across this two-day in-person event, with the remaining 12,000 to be available for purchase online from July 18th, 2024.

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