Incognito Art Show: Cop A Mini Masterpiece For Just $100 In Sydney

incognito art show will sell mini masterpieces for $100 each

Incognito Art Show, a unique new concept for the local arts community, is set to make its Australian debut in Sydney next month.

The way the whole exhibition and show will work could potentially be very lucrative for any discerning art investors. Although its main purpose is to raise funds for Studio A, the state’s only art studio which supports professional artists with intellectual disabilities.

Scheduled for June 5th, Incognito Art Show will feature hundreds of postcard-sized artworks, many created by famed Australian artists like Laura Jones and Jasper Knight, available for just $100 each. The catch is that all artworks will be displayed anonymously, and only after the sale will the buyer learn the identity of the work’s respective artist.

Some of Australia’s most well-established names will be contributing up to 3 paintings each, along with just about anyone who has registered by May 21st. Currently, any Australian artist is being encouraged to register and submit artwork for exhibition, irrespective of their level of expertise.

This is going to leave art collectors and investors with somewhat of a Russian roulette situation, where $100 could net you a Jasper Knight, or it could stick you with a work by Garry Yew (a completely fictitious artist who may or may not actually exist). Not that any mini masterpiece you choose will be disappointing, but if you’re looking at it purely from an investment perspective, you’re going to wish for the former, not the latter.

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In addition to being an incredible opportunity for art investors, Incognito Art Show will be a chance for any budding artists to gain some necessary exposure in a level playing field with more established names. Collectors will also be able to discover new artists, whether they are making waves in the industry or will be in the near-future.

The anonymous aspect to the art show also just strips back the sense of elitism many of these events are riddled with, and which can often turn anyone except art world regulars off from participating in the first place.

While Incognito Art Show is a new venture for the Australian scene, it’s not by any means a new idea. Various ‘Incognito’ projects with the same premise have run in the country’s around the world, with the most well known Incognito Art Show being in Ireland, where it raises funds for the Jack and Fill Foundation. To date, the Ireland Incognito show has meant €437,500 (AU$684,225) for the home nursing care charity.

So far it looks like 330 pieces have been submitted for the show, with more to be expected before June 5th. They are listed on the official Incognito Art Show website along with details for any artists looking to register and submit some work.