Anthenea: The Floating Hotel Suites Inspired By ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’
— Updated on 27 December 2021

Anthenea: The Floating Hotel Suites Inspired By ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’

— Updated on 27 December 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

UPDATE [27/05/21]: The company behind these eponymous James Bond-inspired floating hotel suites, Anthenea, is getting ready to deliver these pods around the world. The suites, which took more than five prototypes and 15 years to complete, will set sail as early as next year.

Anthenea now reveals they’re looking to market the pods both directly to consumers and in partnership with hoteliers around the world in an attempt to create floating resorts comprising several of these modular pods. The French team also state that the pods could work as luxury Airbnb rentals, or be configured as a floating spa or restaurant.

Each basic model of these floating hotel suites starts from roughly US$365,000 (AU$471,762), but the higher end models – like the floating spa version – will be priced closer to US$730,000 (AU$943,335). The company says that any orders placed in June and July of this year will be deployed in early 2022.

The UFO-shaped Anthenea pods can be fitted with propulsion and driven with a joystick for guests who want to take these floating luxury apartments out for a swim. Just like any other vessel, they can be moored and reportedly remain pretty stable in the face of up to Force 6 winds of up to 27 knots.

Anthenea have compared the unique pods to a “lotus flower” given it sits on the surface of the sea but has “no impact on the underwater ecosystem.” The eco-friendly is fitted with solar panels and powered by 100% clean energy. There’s also a unique anchoring system and sand screw to minimise any impact on the ocean floor. Other green technology features include a saltwater filtration system and a waste treatment system that has been approved by the US Coast Guard. The materials used are also 100% recyclable.

Original Article – Anthenea: The Floating Hotel Suites

Inspired by The Spy Who Loved Me, French naval architect Jean Michel Ducancelle has created what is essentially a self-sustaining floating hotel suite that’s equal measures function and delight. Allow me to introduce Anthenea – nomadic pods which can be placed practically anywhere in the world, promising to be an “intense sensory experience”.

Offering 50 square metres of living space, we’ve never come across anything like this. The incredible lifestyle-oriented design, the 360 glass panelling offering a window to the great big blue, the eco-friendly aspects; all enabling those within the Anthenea to live seamlessly amongst nature, while very much inhabiting a man-made luxury construction.

Notable features include the following:

  • Master bedroom (single cabin)
  • Panoramic bathtub
  • Lounge area
  • Wet bar
  • Solarium (capable of seating up to 12 guests)

And yes, it’s also powered by solar panels as well as being fitted out with a responsible sewage system.

Anthenea are floating eco pods inspired by James Bond
French company Anthenea plan to use these floating eco pods to build resorts

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