Los Vilos House By Cristián Boza Is A Singular Cliffside Retreat

The greatest pleasures can be experienced during self-imposed isolation. Hard to believe in this climate, sure. But you may soon be changing your tune after taking a good look at Los Vilos House by Cristián Boza. What you’re about to visually experience is a cliffside retreat like no other with a circular swimming pool that makes a compelling case for itself to enter our top ten global list.

Completed in Chile circa 1997, it began its life as a weekend getaway for the late Boza’s own family. Embedded right within the cliff, the main house positively exudes character with exposed stone walls, a metal chimney, and breathtaking glass walls which offer an unobstructed vista of the ocean.

The interior itself is arranged in a way which only adds to Los Vilos House’s rich personality. A mezzanine level serving as a library, elevated dining room, master bedroom tucked away behind said dining room, with four more in the rear only accessible from the stone path. This residence also features an in-house sauna and jacuzzi with a slice of the views.

Outdoors, the natural environment highlights the pure genius of the Los Vilos House design. There’s an open-air terrace with an undulating concrete wall to protect you from the extremes of the elements; not overly intrusive nor ad hoc, either, but just enough to balance function and form. There’s a swimming pool that exists seamlessly in the original topography, also overlooking the ocean. And it’s all tied together by an elevated bridge and “palatial” walkway.

Check it out below.