WTBA House: The Bachelor Pad Which Hangs Over A Cliff

Design house Nada Studios has imagined a bachelor pad which goes beyond where many existing structures stand. Literally. As you’ll see in the gallery below, WTBA House is a dwelling which is cantilevered over a cliff, securely hanging right above a river.

As far as bachelor pads go, with the exception of one or two commendable examples, WTBA House is an attempt you’d be hard-pressed to beat. With a proposed location of Papallacta in Ecuador, it’s minimalist, luxurious, as well as being oh-so-dramatic in both aesthetic and ethos. Sticking with the holy trinity of concrete, wood, and glass, WTBA House is also a masterclass in the less-is-more school of architecture.

WTBA House is divided into two sections. One section holds the expansive living room, with stairs that take you onto the roof. This roof is practically built for entertaining – terrace under the sun, pool to the side when it gets too warm, and a completely unobstructed view of Papallacta’s natural scenery. 

The other section holds the kitchen and master bedroom, the latter of which extends beyond the cliff through its ensuite – allowing you to bathe in the sky, or so to speak. Adjacent to the master bedroom is an infinity pool, perched right on the edge but not beyond the cliff. And right in between these divided sections is where you’ll find the garage.

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