Oma Cinema Will Place A Vertical Theatre In Paris Next Year

With the exception of picture and sound quality, the physical movie-going experience hasn’t really changed all that much since initial widespread adoption. In 2021, however, the world is set for a radical new offering as Oma Cinema announces the launch of their innovative vertical theatre.

With the very first vertical theatre hitting Paris next year, Oma Cinema is essentially promising that every single seat in the house could potentially be the best seat in the house. No longer will you fret, worry, and groan about obstructed views, awkward angles, or risk missing a bit of crucial dialogue because you were too slow on the draw when it came to copping a ticket. The picture and sound will apparently be the same from every perspective/platform.

Additionally, elevated platforms such as these will allow for a more bespoke movie-going experience – bars, lounges, VIP arrangements, all will be available on hand, making the entire space feel far more tailored towards audience needs than a reclining seat and larger handrest. Picture yourself in one during the midnight screening of a summer blockbuster right now and tell me that isn’t the coolest shit you’ve encountered all day.

Functionality aside, the vertical theatre just looks space-age – already drawing comparisons to the intergalactic senate podiums from the Star Wars prequel films. If nothing else, I think we can all agree the novelty of emulating Senator Jar Jar Binks for a couple hours alone warrants the construction of these beauties.

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