On The Market This Week: A Primo KFC Location In Sydney

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OK… so this is quite different from our usual picks of Toorak mansions with Thunderbirds-style hidden garages or tasteful loft conversions. But – the name of the game when it comes to our On The Market This Week series is real-estate (of all shapes and sizes). And this “trophy” KFC location is just as primo for placing your nest egg into as any Australian property. 

Allow me to introduce you to the Dulwich Hill KFC. A location that has remained a vendor of finger-licking good dirty bird for over forty years. And with that forty year reputation comes some assurances.

The top line appeal is as follows:

  • renewed 10-year ground lese (until 2029)
  • prominent location with considerable foot traffic
  • drive through facility
  • direct source of dirty bird (it’s a no-brainer)
  • lease secured by a four month bank gaurantee 
  • and a projected net income of $135,000 PA + GST for the proprietor 

There’s really not much else to say at this point. It’s the product that sells itself. How much more of an introduction to the iconic shame-binge franchise does one really need in this country? 

We will, however, end with a cherry on top. This new format store has received a relatively recent modern update. So if we at BH had to characterise it as anything, we’d say that the Dulwich Hill KFC is the Tesla of KFCs. Yeah. Let’s go with that. 

To find out more, head on over to realcommercial.com.au.

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