Make Your Home A Masterpiece With This Sean Brown Picasso Rug

Sean Brown Picasso rug3

Decorating the home can often feel like a boring, thankless task. You’re most likely committing to several visits to Ikea, or if a Swedish flat-pack is a little too basic for your taste, spending thousands on overpriced “mid-century inspired” nonsense. If you’re looking for an easier way to bring an elevated sense of curation to your dwelling, this Picasso inspired rug by Sean Brown could be just the ticket.

Sean Brown is a Toronto-based artist, who is all too familiar with the skill of making carpets by hand. He has already released a wildly popular collection of rugs in the shape of important CDs, by artists including Jay-Z, Coldplay and Daft Punk. Sure, it isn’t a medium of artistic expression that is overcrowded, but Brown is more than making it work.

His latest rug finds inspiration deeper into the past, and instead of from musicians once again, it’s the abstract paintings of Pablo Picasso. Titled The Dream, the carpet depicts one of Picasso’s most famous works, La Rêve, which he completed in 1932.

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Picasso’s original painting was of his 22-year old mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter. Coincidentally, Walter is also the subject of Femme au béret rouge-orange, an original Piccaso artwork that is being sold at auction next month in Las Vegas, with an estimate of $27 million and $40 million.

Brown’s rug features a slightly altered colour set compared to Picasso’s original work, and measures 53 by 39 inches. The handcrafted object also features a non-slip backing and binded edges.

So if you’ve been spending a bit of time at home recently, and were considering how you might improve the look and feel of the space, a good rug goes a very long way. Espeically one inspired by Picasso. The Dream can be found over on essence for US$750 (AU$1,018).

Sean Brown Picasso rug
Sean Brown Picasso rug1