The Picasso Century nvg

‘The Picasso Century’ Is Coming To Melbourne’s NGV This Winter

Sydney locals might abhor Melbournian’s enthusiasm for Doc Martens and almond lattes, but it’s hard to argue about the quality…

las vegas picasso sale

Las Vegas Casino-Owned Collection Of Picasso Artwork Sells For $145 Million

When you think of the most important artworks ever created, you probably think of them either tucked away in the…

Sean Brown Picasso rug3

Make Your Home A Masterpiece With This Sean Brown Picasso Rug

Decorating the home can often feel like a boring, thankless task. You’re most likely committing to several visits to Ikea,…

Picasso las vegas

A Las Vegas Casino Is Selling $136 Million Worth Of Picasso Artwork

Las Vegas is an abstract place, full of abstract sins. Be it the gambling away of abstract life savings, the…

Pablo Picasso Watch Michael Z. Berger

Pablo Picasso’s Watch Sells For $350,000… And It Doesn’t Even Tell Time Correctly

The Michael Z. Berger watch of Pablo Picasso has been auctioned for the very first time via Bonhams. Fetching a…

Contractor Sued For Tearing A Hole In US$100 Million ‘Le Marin’ Painting

While many have attached a dollar amount to artworks such as Picasso‘s Le Marin, their true value is intangible. Priceless,…

restitution picasso douane francaise guardia civil 4 1

Billionaire Stung After Smuggled Picasso Painting Is Found On His Yacht

A revision of the original 18-month sentence and US$58.3 fine.

The ‘Indiana Jones Of Lost Art’ Tracks Down Stolen Picasso Painting Worth $39 Million

Possibly the coolest job in the world.