Elevate Your Home With The Swiss Designed Cassiopea Table Lamp
— 13 April 2022

Elevate Your Home With The Swiss Designed Cassiopea Table Lamp

— 13 April 2022
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

If you’re looking to make your home a little more comfortable, a great lamp is going to offer you the best for your money, hands down. The folks at Studioforma, a Zurich-based architecture and design house, have recently released their latest lighting creation in the Cassiopea table lamp, which makes a statement that is both bold and elegant.

Good lighting can make or break a room, and when you’re thinking about creating a space to relax in at home, getting the lighting right is a lot more effective than spending your hard-earned money on expensive furniture or accessories. Focusing on a couple of nice lamps will do a whole lot more for the feeling a room gives you, and the Cassiopea table lamp is one of the most interesting designs we’ve seen recently.

The base is constructed from a diagonally cut cylinder of either black or white marble, which not only adds a sense of old-world gravitas, but also makes every lamp slightly different from the other. The shade of the lamp is domed glass, cut at a diagonal angle that matches the marble base, with coloured finishings available in either blue, purple or gold.


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The lamp features brass fittings around the marble base and at the top of the glass dome where the bulb is situated, which nicely fit with the contemporary design, while adding to the more classical design cues. Powered by a cable to your nearest socket, the lamp is lit by an LED light, the warmth of which can obviously be adapted to fit the room you’re looking to create ambience in.

“Irrespective of the ambience in which Cassiopea is placed, the interior benefits from the individuality of this lamp because of the fascinating reflection of the space surrounding it,” explained Studioforma.

“The play of light on the glass surface and on the polished marble base stays lively both during the day and at night.”

While we’re yet to receive word on pricing for the Studioforma Cassiopea lamp, you’re able to order your own via the studio’s Instagram.

Cassiopea Table Lamp3
Cassiopea Table Lamp2

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