This Supercar Capsule Garage Is The Only Way You’ll Ever Want To Park


Much of the joy involved with owning a nice car is showing it off. And with this “Supercar Capsule”, there’s a new way to stash away your toys in the most stylish – not to mention flexworthy – way possible. 

Dubai-based luxury design firm, Superfuturedesign, has just released this concept garage, which not only serves as the motoring equivalent of your nan’s glass cabinet stacked with fine china, but as: 

Superfuturedesign’s three key focuses when it comes to this Supercar Capsule includes:

  • seamless incorporation
  • subtle enhancement
  • and ‘centre of attraction’

Essentially, no longer will the main house and the garage function as two separate components. Rather both the garage and the cars within them now feature as a part, and perhaps even a cornerstone, of the design. One is intended to elevate the other.

If the whole idea behind “man caves” wasn’t already dead, this may very well be the final nail in the coffin. As the concept’s dedicated Instagram bio so aptly expresses the sentiment, “Who needs a boring garage? Turn your average garage into a private showroom.”

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