LilliHaus: The Floating Cabins Designed For Off-The-Grid Living
— Updated on 13 February 2021

LilliHaus: The Floating Cabins Designed For Off-The-Grid Living

— Updated on 13 February 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

More often than I care to admit, the prospect of removing myself from greater civilisation is quite an appealing fantasy. Usually around the Tuesday afternoon commute home. It does appear, however, that I may not be alone on this front. Given that design companies like SysHaus are now offering “plug&play” off-the-grid cabins such as LilliHaus.

Assembled on location in under two days, LilliHaus cabins come fully-furnished and fully-equipped for your next self-sustained and eco-friendly escape. Hence the term “plug&play”.

How does it work?

  • Contrary to the headline/images, LilliHaus cabins can be placed on both water and land – the only difference is aquatic cabins are mounted on a floating catamaran, which can be moored to a buoy or sailed at speeds of up to 4 knot
  • Solar panels stored energy for later use in a battery system (12-110 volts output)
  • Blackwater and greywater pass through an aerobic and biological treatment station; a three-phase biodigester system to achieve physical, chemical, bacteriological purity
  • It’s capable of treating water for consumption – and in geographies without any natural water resources, you can obtain water through a water catalyst extracted from very the air itself
  • LilliHaus features openings in the floor and ceiling, creating a natural ventilation system to take advantage of the thermosyphon effect (make hot air exit through roof, make fresh air enter underneath in a continuous flow)
  • Functions such as the above can also be controlled and monitored remotely, even programmed to learn daily routines and automating the processes of lighting, sound, curtains, appliances, etc.

At 38.4 square metres, LilliHaus is the largest available product in the SysHaus plug&play family – beating out the MiniHaus at 19.2 square metres and NanoHaus at 9.6 square metres. 

As for the SysHaus program options and floor plan configurations, there are several choices on hand. Including ones where you can combine any of the Haus offerings to create a larger dwelling. In other words, you could start your own floating commune if you felt so inclined.

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