The World’s First Sky Pool Floats 115 Feet Above Ground

World's First Sky Pool Embassy Gardens London 115 Foot
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In the very same city where a 1.65-metre wide property sold for $1.7 million, the Embassy Gardens apartment has unveiled what is reportedly the world’s first sky pool. Designed to look as though the main body of water is floating by some miraculous occurrence, the innovation represents an efficient solution to the crowded metropolis that is London as well as a singular offering to entice prospective residents.

The clear structure is suspended between twin 10-storey Embassy Garden Towers, measuring up to 82 feet in length (or 25 metres) – what Architectural Digest has noted to be “perhaps the world’s largest single piece of load-bearing acrylic”; 12 inches thick along the bottom – and 115 feet above ground (or 35 metres). But those of you who happen to be afraid of heights needn’t worry. While more than 50% hangs over the street, there are still sections where the sky pool are anchored to the rooftops of each tower, which function as a more conventional outdoor swimming pool.

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What you see was brought into material reality by a trio of collaborators: architectural firm Arup, engineer Eckersley O’Callaghan, as well as acrylic specialists Reynolds Polymer Technologies. Countless behavioural analyses were undertaken prior to the build, ensuring they wouldn’t be making headlines for all the horrific reasons. The Embassy Garden’s high-concept aquatic amenity was then constructed at the Reynolds Polymer Technologies facility in Colorado before eventually being shipped to London for installation.

“The lifting was a precision process,” notes EcoWorld Ballymore.

“As there was a tolerance of just 30 centimetres in installing the pool into its steel frame.”

“Once you swim off, you can look right down,” says Brian Eckersley, Director of Eckersley O’Callaghan.

“It will be like flying.”

The Embassy Gardens in London proudly showcases 2,000 homes with prices starting at over £1 million (AU$1.8 million).

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The World’s First Sky Pool Floats 115 Feet Above Ground
Sky Pool Embassy Gardens London 115 Foot
Sky Pool Embassy Gardens London 115 Foot