WSP’s Stone Cold Concept For A Modular Hotel Made Of Pods

WSP’s Stone Cold Concept For A Modular Hotel Made Of Pods

WSP has unveiled a concept for a carbon neutral hotel. The design is intended for remote locales the world over, and it is quite the sight to behold. 

The “Tetra Hotel”, as it has been named, is a solely modular design comprised of individual concrete pods, structurally reinforced, and constructed onsite from local materials. This is set to make geography based logistics a whole lot simpler, in addition to earning some green points given the whole “work with the environment” and zero carbon angle. 

“The pods are designed to be stable in groups of four, giving endless variety for their arrangement to reflect the architectural designs response to the unique natural forms of the chosen location,” says WSP technical director, Ross Harvey.

“Remote construction is one of the key drivers of the design.” 

Versatility is well and truly the name of the game with these 19 metre tall Tetra Hotels. As they not only “… play host to individual suites…”, but provide far more utility. Restaurants, bars, retail outlets, gyms– you name it. Entire communities will soon be able to thrive within a few pods.  

Sites in Cape Verde, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Hungary, and the UK are all currently under consideration for pod construction. A decision on which locations will be the first to receive a Tetra Hotel will be made in the next three months.

Check out the full gallery above.