The Paul Milinski Dreamscapes Are Serenity Manifest

Everyone has a “place” or at least an idea of a place where they mentally seek refuge. Perhaps in those…

The Xbox Project Oris Concept Includes A Built-In Projector

As the general population doubles downs with everything gaming, designer Joseph Dumary has unveiled the Xbox Project Oris concept –…

Architect Designs ‘Ringhouse’ Audi Logo Home

Audi fan boys, ask yourself now: would you go so far as to live in your very passion? If you…

Mercedes-Benz Reveals An ‘Avatar’ Inspired Concept Car

We’re not sure how it works, either.

Samsung Is Developing A Curved Infinity Edge Screen With A 3D Side Display

The future looks curvy.

The BMW M8 Shooting Brake Is A Gorgeous Concept Design

File this one under, “one day, just maybe”.

Sinot’s ‘AQUA’ Hydrogen-Powered Superyacht Is A Gorgeous Radical Concept

Fully powered by liquid hydrogen.

Audi’s TT Safari Is The Ultimate Off-Road Weapon

The Audi TT Safari concept takes the brand’s Quattro mantra to extremes, with huge flared guards accommodating massive rolling stock with extreme off-road rubber.

Alfa Romeo’s Rumoured Giulia CoupĂ© Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

The QV will now develop a mighty 641bhp to create the most powerful road-going Alfa Romeo yet, short of the Ferrari 488 by only 20bhp. You read that right.

WSP’s Stone Cold Concept For A Modular Hotel Made Of Pods

WSP has unveiled for a modular hotel made of concrete pods. The exciting twist? Immense versatility and environmental sustainability.

Sinot Unveil This Stunning 120 Metre Long Superyacht Concept

Slated for a full reveal at the Monaco Yacht Show, this mesmerising superyacht by design firm Sinot has been aptly titled “Nature.”

NASA’s Massive Mars Rover Concept Is Straight Outta Hollywood

NASA have just launched their latest six-wheeled concept vehicle that would more likely make an appearance in Armageddon 2.