Amazon Are Practically Giving Away Waterford Whiskey Glasses

Waterford crystal has made a name for themselves throughout the years. Ask anyone from a more senior generation, and they’ll tell you. Nothing beats a classic Waterford crystal item. They set the standard for whiskey glasses today. It’s a stock standard staple for the sophisticated drinker. It’s the modern connoisseur’s weapon of choice, the reliable tool of the trade. But most importantly, it’s an icon in on itself. An icon that carries tradition and history. An icon forged in the fires of Italian maestros.

There’s an understated boldness to their design. Something about the cuts and angles of the lower half that demands a certain amount of respect for whatever drink you are about to imbibe in a Waterford. It’s one of the few artefacts from the former era that still carries an unwavering attitude about itself, in the face of the contemporary, which so readily endeavours to write off the past on a regular basis.

Waterford crystal glasses normally set you back a decent amount. Somewhere around $100 AUD in exchange for a family of four. Thanks to a pre-Black Friday sale hosted by none other than Amazon, however, you can get a standard four way hit of WC for the humble price of $29. Practically a steal.

Get your set of four Marquis by Waterford Markham Double Old Fashioned glasses here at Amazon while the offer lasts. You can also browse for associated products on the page, and many more on Waterford’s official site.