The 13 Best Australian Gins For Your Liquor Cabinet

Best Australian Gins - Four Pillars Gin

There’s nothing better than a gin and tonic on a sunny afternoon. The quintessentially British spirit has been a staple for centuries, infused with botanicals like juniper for a refreshing tang. Lucky for us, Aussie distilleries are at the top of their game when it comes to crafting a good drop of gin. So to help out with your next session, we’ve compiled a list of the best Australian gins to stock in your liquor cabinet.

While we often brush it off as a less complex spirit, gin deserves our full attention and there are the serious complexities and depth behind some of the best Australian gins. Blending the signature flavour of juniper berries with unique local botanical notes from each distiller’s region, the variations in these ingredients create a huge range of gins with very different profiles. So there’s plenty to keep you entertained whatever the mood.

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The Best Australian Gins

Archie Rose

Located just 5km from the CBD in the Sydney suburb of Rosebery, Archie Rose is a fitting tribute to the first colony’s gin craze of the 1800s. The boutique distillery also doubles as an award-winning bar, pushing an excellent cocktail list featuring their signature ‘Distiller’s Strength Gin’. With 16 individual botanics for a bold taste, it’s perfect for a clean G&T.

Archie Rose have also done their part by being at the forefront of distilleries working to produce hand sanitiser.

Twenty Third Street Distillery

With restored copper stills which once made up Tintara winery in McLaren Vale, ‘Twenty Third Street’ uses the history to create a truly unique offering. Tapping into local botanicals, their Signature Gin embodies citrus flavours from Riverland mandarins and limes for a refreshing bite.

Adelaide Hills Distillery

Focusing on differentiating the distillation process, Adelaide Hills Distillery uses a careful approach to crafting their spirits. Their 78 Degrees Small Batch Gin blends 12 botanicals and pure Adelaide Hills water, never heating the spirit above 78.1 degrees during distillation. This helps to conserve the delicate flavours and ensures you get a top-notch product.


‘Applewood Gin’ pays tribute to Indigenous Australians by using delicious native ingredients. With a citrus-focused twist, the brand distils with some of “rarest produce on earth” – desert lime. With bright flavours and a vibrant tang, this is an aromatic go-to.

Old Young’s

The brand’s 1829 Gin is all about the personal touch. With infusions of cardamon and coriander seeds, Old Young’s has distiller James Young personally sign every bottle. The only Aussie gin made with rare Tuscan juniper, it’s an opulent option for a classic martini or G&T.

The West Winds Gin

The West Winds Gin leads the boutique distillery explosion in Western Australia. Their signature offering ‘The Sabre’ knocked the socks off judges internationally, voted as one of the best Australian gins and winning awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition only one month after launching. Using Margaret River botanicals and rainwater, the gin is a good alternate option for a Bloody Mary.

Four Pillars

With the distillery having recently been named the world’s best gin producer, the Victorian-based brand took out best of the best in London for good reason. A concept based around four pillars – stills, water, botanicals, and love, the range encompasses the classic ‘Rare Dry’ and unique ‘Bloody Shiraz’ gins. It all comes together for one of the best G&T gins going around.

Melbourne Gin Company

The internationally renowned Melbourne Gin Company is a good looking bottle that’s perfect for the top shelf of any CBD bar. Crafted on the Gembrook Hill Vineyard, the boutique brand has truly exploded on the scene in the last couple of years. With Australian botanicals thrown in for good measure, this is truly a modern gin made for Melburnians.

Patient Wolf

Brunswick mates Matt and Dave travelled the world to bring back the very best techniques to their ‘Premium Dry Gin’. A simple yet premium handmade offering, it’s the perfect supplement in a negroni for a change of pace.

The Cannabis Company

Back in 2018, Melbourne based startup The Cannabis Company launched the world’s first cannabis gin. Creating products with hemp ever since it became legalised in Australia, the brand decided to infuse it into a gin alongside essential oil myrcene – a technique that dated back to the 18th century. Their Myrcene Hemp Gin is a one-of-a-kind take on the traditionally conservative spirit and a favourite in the BH office.

The Abel Gin Co.

Crafted by a former winemaker and restaurateur, this Tasmanian distiller’s ‘Essence Gin’ is a true tribute to the island state. With floral notes coming from local tea tree blossom and roses, its fine taste is a delicate accompaniment to a G&T.

Forty Spotted

With spicier than usual notes, this distillery uses Tasmanian pepperberry as the main botanical in its gins. Forty Spotted’s main ‘Rare Tasmanian Gin’ has a tangy edge, making it a nice option to drink neat. The brand’s name pays homage to the state’s rarest bird, the forty-spotted pardalote, ensuring a special journey with the gin whatever way you take it.

Bass & Flinders

This Mornington Peninsula distillery’s ‘Cerise’ drop has an aesthetically pleasing pink hue. With hibiscus and orange blossom flavours, the gin’s colour comes from local cherries and raspberries for a fruity drop with tonic.