These Are The 9 Best Pre-Mixed Negronis In Australia

These Are The 9 Best Pre-Mixed Negronis In Australia

It’s time to put on your big boy shoes and saddle up for a real drink that’s as bittersweet to taste as it is boozy to drink. It’s also high time to say farewell to the Aperol Spritz – because the Negroni is back in a big way. With just three simple ingredients and a fool-proof recipe that’s easy to order, make at home, and now order the best pre-mixed Negronis at home, it’s not hard to see why this drink gets its own week of celebrations, nor why it’s a staple of menus around the globe.

Perhaps one of the best parts about a Negroni? It’s a still drink with no fuss, meaning they travel damn well; making for the perfect drink to be bottled up and taken wherever you’re heading for the day/night. The bars may be closed in Victoria and open to limited numbers everywhere else, but thanks to the COVID-19 pivot, getting our hands on a Negroni has actually never been easier.

Here’s our round-up of the best pre-mixed Negronis available in Australia right now.

Byrdi Wattleseed Negroni

Cold vacuum infused gin, bitters, and sweet vermouth infused with Native Australian Wattleseed. This guy has a depth that goes beyond your usual over-the-bar Negroni, and it’s a perfect reflection of the Melbourne bar scene’s drink quality.

Mr Black Coffee Negroni

The Mr Black twist on the classic aperitif cocktail is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet, with a discernible coffee kick. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate drink to say goodbye to your day and hello to the evening. The perfect sundowner, and a welcome change from the done-to-death cousin of the Aperol Spritz… the Espresso Martini.

Campari Limited Edition Premix Negroni

Who better to batch up a Negroni than the house who was there when it all started? The one mainstay of a Negroni, Campari has thrown their well-earned hat into the ring with their Limited Edition Negroni Premix made with London Dry Gin. The perfect bottle to keep on the drinks trolley, and made to exacting standards using Campari’s long-held secret recipe. 

Archie Rose Bottled Negroni

From a brand that’s synonymous with excellent craft gin, You’d expect nothing less than excellent craft cocktails, and the Archie Rose Negroni delivers. Made with their Distillers Strength Gin, you can expect bold bitter and herbal notes that are nicely balanced with the sweetness of vermouth. Batched in limited quantities on a weekly basis so you know you’re getting it fresh.

TipJar Negroni

Up there with the best in value, the 200ml TipJar Negroni is a limited edition batch that’s made with Maidenii Vermouth, Melbourne Gin Company gin, Campari, infused with smoked cacao husk and pear. More bitter than sweet, and the perfect size for sharing.

Continental Deli Tinned Negroni

The most recent member to join Continental’s tinned cocktails, alongside the Mar-tinny and Can-hattan, the T-Negroni wins hands-down on the packaging. A cosy little 75ml, it’s perfect to carry around in your bag (you never know when you might need one), or for a picnic in the park. 

Curatif x Four Pillars Negroni

Made using Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin (which is itself an excellent addition to any budding bartenders’ collection), Curatif’s canned Negroni gives notes of pepper and berry as well as the expected rich and fruity bitterness we know and love. Simplicity done extremely well, we can get around the four-packs too.

Capitano Negroni Maximus

The Negroni Maximus is here to party with 1.5L of expertly mixed gin, Campari, and vermouth. The size may be huge, but that doesn’t mean they’ve compromised on quality. The lads behind this one – Darren Leaney – is among the country’s best bartenders. Ready to pour straight over ice, it’s also available in 200ml for those more modest occasions.

Bar Rochford White Negroni

Straight out of the Capital’s best bar, the White Negroni is lighter in both colour and taste to its original red counterpart, but it’s just as – if not more – delicious. The team at Bar Rochford do a bottled-up version that’s hard to beat and made with gin, lemon myrtle infused vermouth, and Suze. Available directly from Bar Rochford and at Blackhearts & Sparrows (currency sold out online but certainly worth the in-person visit given it’s truly one of the best pre-mixed negronis in Australia).