The 5 Best Premixed Negronis You Can Buy In Australia Right Now
— 18 August 2023

The 5 Best Premixed Negronis You Can Buy In Australia Right Now

— 18 August 2023
Randy Lai
Randy Lai

For reasons that shall be plainly obvious to even the most noncommittal of drinkers, premixed Negronis are best enjoyed in Australia under some sunshine when you want all the theatre and deliciousness of classic cocktails — yet none of the inconvenience.

Apocryphal critiques from armchair mixologists aside; given the state of the drinks industry in 2023, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a slab (or three) of Negronis that are ready to go straight out of the bottle/can.

More often than not, they’ve been made field-tested by professionals; and the fact you’re pouring them fully formed — out of bottles rather than a mixing tin — will save on the washing up.

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Here then are 5 of the best premixed Negronis in Australia worth stocking up on in 2023.

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Curatif x Never Never Distilling Co Negroni

best premixed Negronis Australia


  • Made with Never Never’s award-winning Triple Juniper Gin
  • Earthy, full-bodied flavour profile
  • 18.8% ABV
  • Volume: 140ml

A bestseller from Australia’s leading purveyor of premium RTDs, the Curatif Negroni (made in collaboration with the award-winning gin distillery, Never Never) is a balanced and convenient way to bring the joy of the eponymous classic cocktail to the masses.

Prepping for a big weekend of entertaining at home? Then consider the 24-pack.

Starward Whisky Negroni


  • Made on Starward’s signature red wine cask-aged whisky
  • Big, bold, and fruit-forward
  • 32% ABV
  • Volume: 500ml

Another cracking party favour from one of Melbourne’s most decorated craft distilleries, Starward’s Whisky Negroni is (to all intents and purposes) a Boulevardier: albeit one hopped up on whisky that has been matured in ex-red wine casks.

An assured pairing alongside canapes, each 500ml bottle yields a decent 10 standard drinks — perfect pre-dinner fodder when you/your friends are entertaining at home.

Continental Deli Canned Negroni

best premixed Negronis Australia


  • Continental’s famous canned Negroni, now available to take home
  • A first-rate classic recipe, gently flavoured with watermelon
  • Volume: 75ml

A cult favourite of libation-loving Sydneysiders (particularly if you live around the Inner West) Continental Deli’s delicious and insanely photogenic run of ‘canned cocktails’ needs no introduction.

A staple of the Newtown eatery since day dot, these started to become available for retail purchase shortly after the beginning of the pandemic. Evidently, people loved imbibing these at home so much they’ve now become a permanent fixture of the Continental’s shopping inventory.

Whispers of watermelon and cardamom help to lift this Negroni’s overall heft; and on the palate, you’re left with the tangible sensation of something which drinks much lighter than your average gin-based classic. Good news all around.

P&V’s Australian Negroni


  • A recipe that’s all Aussie everything
  • Lighter and more herbaceous than your standard Negroni
  • 27% ABV
  • Volume: 750ml

The premixed Negroni du jour of Mike Bennie and friends (of P&V fame), this 750ml bottle is a love letter to Australia’s bounty of exciting, produce-driven alcohol producers.

Built around a spine of Poor Tom’s gin, Maidenii sweet vermouth and ‘Imbroglio’ (a fresher way to drink amaro) this is one to sample if you’re looking for a properly local take on a renowned Italian cocktail. Advance Australia flair.

Campari Limited Edition Premix Negroni


  • Crafted to the Negroni’s original 100-year-old recipe
  • Bitter and boozy perfection
  • 26% ABV
  • Volume: 500ml

Whether you’re a mixological purist or a sucker for cocktail history, it doesn’t get much more authentic than this limited edition bottling from the house of Campari.

Made to a traditional recipe of equal parts Cinzano Rosso, London Dry gin and, of course, the most acclaimed Italian bitter on the planet; our recommendation is that you don’t overegg serving this one. Pour directly into a waiting rocks glass (pre-filled with a large ice cube) and garnish with a generous slice of orange.

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