Carlsberg Re-Creates The World’s First Quality Lager As It Was In 1883

Using sophisticated techniques, the team at Carlsberg’s Research Laboratory has managed to re-brew the world’s very first quality lager. The beer is brewed with original pure yeast developed at the Carlsberg Lab, which revolutionised the beer brewing around the world in 1883.

The project all began when a 133-year-old bottle was discovered in one of the brewery’s old cellars. Amazingly, the yeast had somehow survived in the bottle, allowing brewery experts to re-brew what is considered the father of most modern day lager beers.

Aussies and Danes have a very special connection. Firstly, we are joined through the royal matrimony of Prince Frederik and our very own Princess Mary; and secondly, the Danish Carlsberg Brewers gifted us with the ingredients for our favourite drink, an ice cold lager.

Today, 95 per cent of the beer drunk in Australia is lager and 134 years since its invention, the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen has created a one-off lager, authentically re-brewing it as it was in 1883.

The team at Carlsberg explain that “centuries ago, brewing beer was an unpredictable process that often resulted in undrinkable beer due to the phenomenon called beer sickness.” However, in 1883, Carlsberg revolutionised quality beer with its ground- breaking discovery of pure yeast, which made it possible to make quality beer from every brew.

As beer sickness was a widespread problem back then, Carlsberg gave the pure yeast, aptly named ‘Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis’, away for free to other brewers. Today, most lager beers in the world originate from that pure yeast discovery, including major international brands.”

“This brew is an amazing sip of history. To think the green bottle beer that is so recognisable today first came from the discovery of pure yeast in a science lab more than 130 years ago” said Carlsberg Australian brand manager Marcela Whelan.

Without it, we wouldn’t have the type of beer that is now 90 percent of the world’s market.”

The re-brewed beer is unsurprisingly rare; only 400 750ml bottles are available in Australia. However, we were lucky enough to receive one of the treasured, hoppy time capsules.

Our verdict? Well, if you’re into a darker lager, it’s pretty damn good for a beverage produced 133 years ago, and would most likely put your uncle’s homebrew to shame, that’s for sure. For the beer connoisseurs though, here are the official tasting notes:

Beer type: Dark Munich Lager.

Appearance & Aroma: Warm brownish glow since it is brewed with Munich and a hunt of crystal and chocolate malt.

Taste & Strength:  Roasted, caramelised and malty aromas from the floor-malted Munich malt blend, smooth with the floral hoppyness from Mittelfrüh hops
Light caramel sweetness with a smooth bitterness and a low carbonation melting with the roundness from the long cold fermentation and maturation on the oak barrels
5.8% vol.

You can watch the full story in the video below: